The Nightmare

 Asphyxiated by vividity, Lost in ambiguity;
Somehow between a dream & reality,
Stormed by realism of my own dream.
Nightmare or blissful reality?
I couldn’t tell apart, for it had befallen me.
Drawn against the wall by a stranger;
 Words were pelted at me.
As his stranglehold eased,
Unconsciously I fell on my knees.
Hounded by familiar strangers & cross faces
For a felony unintended;
The darkness of the room draped me,
For My world had descended.
& before they could draw their weapons,
Before any human could betray,
I let go of my sanity & uttered a crazy “Nay…!!”
Banging my own head against the wall;
Spittle of blood & white drooled down my chin.
Strangers gathered around the corpse,
As I inspired my last breath,
For they’d heard hearts could collapse under pressure.
But never before had there been a mental death!
Sweat drenched;
Choked by eerie silence,
I woke up panting from the unreal dream;
My mind took a deep sigh.
For Moments ago, death had kissed me.

Yet I was happy to be alive. 


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         by Abheerup Bhalla


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