We are women and that’s our crime…!!

Man praises women as the most beautiful creations of universe, worships them in goddesses, but if ever granted, none of them would ever wish to be born as one. Because they themselves realize what a miserable life she leads & struggles to survive in this male oriented world.

The nerve impacting & disturbing images of yet another act of shame- a series of gang rapes flashed before our eyes, beheading with shame & disgrace, the “MALE” race of the world’s proudest species-the Homo sapiens. While we boast & make a great fuss about the equality of sex, in real terms, no such state exists in the whole world where women are treated just; let alone the equality with men.

So when & how did being a woman become a crime? When god created the sexual dimorphological system in humans, he made one man (Adam) & one woman (Eve) to send out a message of equality in number & power. He created similar brains & hearts, similar flesh & bones. But when the lust & greed of man overpowered humanity & god’s order of natural equality, he took over the woman with his physical strength. Thus the foundation of today’s male dominant world & one miserable for women was laid.

The woman of today is prey to all sorts of crimes & atrocities. They are prey to world’s unending lust of men; prey to physical violence & mental torment; prey to social discrimination & what not. Her life is shackled in partialities on basis for her sex.

Contrasting two characters from 2 different walks of life:

A powerful, successful & eminent woman & a poor, begging man with barely anything to cover his body; yet out of the both, the nude man walks on the streets with no fear whatsoever while the woman squirms & dwells in constant fears & insecurities even after possessing everything. It’s shameful how the man possesses a power to ravish a woman with a mere lecherous look; without any physical contact, he finds himself capable of stripping a woman off her pride with his eyes.

Women are the victims to domestic violence. While woman welfare associations & N.G.O’s across the globe make new plans for their upliftment, none actually addresses the problem of the sulking narrow male minds as the crime rates against women are ignominiously high. Women are toyed with, abused, & even deprived of their fundamental human rights awarded to them by their states. In many places women are slaved & kept indoors; beaten mercilessly; forced to prostitution; kept away from education & their basic need for liberty, & are even not allowed to take the decisions for themselves.

The shameful statistics of such atrocities against women are shattering; knowing that only a very few cases are registered. We hardly hear cases of male molestation or domestic violence as compared to women. We never hear “male feticide”?  Why are only women supposed to be prey to it & not men? A million inglorious questions as such speaks volumes about the inhuman dominance of man over woman even though “IT’S A FREE WORLD” we live in.

Lately the real definition of “HUMAN” seems to have languished as the man of today has transcended into a hazardous cannibalistic animal who feeds on its own community. Consumed by his eternal hunger for lust, he is more baneful to female humans than any other animal.

The list of her sufferings is unending & so is the list of sins of man. Still she puts her pride & life at stake against the demonic male world; competes with them; rises & defeats them in several walks of life, thus portraying her strength & will which is beyond “MANHOOD”.

But unless we stop sheltering those who defame “manhood” by such inhumane acts & address the plights of women & curb the exponentially peaking crimes & violence against women, we would never be able to gift them with a bright & secure world that they dream of. Until then, the ones who produce & rear us would continue to live with an underprivileged status, their crime being”We are women!”

Published in TIMES OF INDIA(TOI) by the name “PRICE OF WOMANHOOD”

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– By Abheerup Bhalla


5 thoughts on “We are women and that’s our crime…!!

  1. Topic is wonderful. The article must be published in all news papers.so that people will be more aware about it. In this present world this article should be read by every single men so that he gets to know that girls are equal to them. Every women should get equal status in society.

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  3. A very important issue which needs drastic reforms and a change in the mindset of people. The condition right now is really alarming and seems beyond repair. Hopefully people realize it soon enough and things do change.

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