Yes Master!

Idolized, yet i am fantasized
Brutalized, i am objectified,
If You’re easily devoured by lust!
Why am i compromised ?

Valued by world, yet inglorified.
Notion ever-sustained, i beg be rectified,
For you know not my value,
You value my price.

Like entrapents of fate, i stay barbabrized.
Ask your gods, your million pious gods
Born out of my womb!!
If loss of womanhood can ever be indemnified!

Carnality – your race reeks of;
Shan’t i be petrified ?
Lord! i see no father , i see no brother,
They all are single eyed.

Pesterized, i am indignified;
Crushed by fear;i stand mortified.
Bestowed with, yet cursed by my own pride.
How do i bear your deamon’s race inside me?
For someday I fear my own life i shall be denied!

Still we both live,
Yes “Man” & I.
Cannibals & breathing corpses survive,
Even though humanity has far died.

This poem is just an outburst of a minion array of millions of emotions a woman holds deep inside herself. I could go on and write volumes on it.

“But will it be of any good?”

How tough is it to let go that lust ?
How tough is it not to assault a woman ?
How tough is it to let them inspire a breath of freedom & fearlessness from the biting eyes of “MAN” !!

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