The Poem of a Raped Girl


The assailants of my pride,
Conspirators of this hideous crime
Stand tall; i broken spined.
My esteem torn n soiled.

Ignominy drenched , shame smeared;
Sufferer of the worst yet in fear;
My plight for justice none could ever hear.
Those flashes of my ravishment
At which my universe tears.

People argumenting all in unison;
My mental conflicts an ear would listen.
Standing docked in the courtroom.
Stealing gazes from my criminals.
“Could thunder strike this moment & doom
The man who brimmed my life with gloom.”

They laugh at me.
They talk of me.
They call me societal filth.
They ruin the flowers
& complain why they wilt!

-Abheerup bhalla

I still cant think of a title for this poem.
Its pains me when i contemplate the mental torment of a victim of man’s lust.

Talking is not a solution. So to solve it we must Take an Honest Pledge. to protect & support women. & To live upto the real definition of Manhood. To pledge not to be a eaker Unmanly & Inhuman(e) animal.

If you are here then Pledge not to be the one who assaults or offends women. Because just having a male sexual organ doesn’t make you a MAN.

Suggest a title in the comments.
Like/share if you wish.
Follow/subscribe to my blog if you like.

Happy reading 🙂


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