The Prophecy

“Crystal! Dear crystal, please reveal,
Future to me, so that heavens kneel.”
“Crystal! Oh crystal, you true my dream,
In the seven world’s, I be supreme.”

“People of the world, you won’t believe
The end of the world, to me angels revealed! ”
“21 centuries & no further would calendars proceed;
For this is what my prophecy reads!”

Those tales languished, & yet again revived;
For the mother earth, towards its mock end strides.
Posters, pronouncements, histories ignite,
To instill in people unprecedented fright!

But if depths of world were contracted in crystals;
& if worlds could end by prophecies of HIS loyals;
Death would never have struck their doors,
Breaths would never have left their souls.

The mistakes, miseries,
& the hoarse turbulent past,
Have only taught man to rise,
Conquer; & never lay aghast.

“For thou shall never die;
Thy world shall never end;
Till d moment thy will survives,
Chariots I shall never send!”

Countless men in the human history have claimed to have foreseen the end of the earth.
A lot of fuss was created about the date 21, december 2012 as well. With the blending of religion (mayan history), science( NASA’s forecast/ CERN’s Large Hadron Collider) , civilizations(Chinese) & with a pinch of spices from an unclassified section- The lingering Prophecies of Nostradamus.
All unrelated largely, yet pointing to the same date of apocalypso.

A perfect recipe for panic & sensation.
Things rose up like a sudden dust storm out of thin air. Almost two years back when people, television forecasts, internet, all proclaimed the inevitable deadly verge of humanity.

& in the end it all turned out to be the biggest practical joke of the century so far, while some people might still be believing that their prayers & religious rituals/offerings paid off. But ‘bodies never survive, its the will in humans that keeps them alive & as long as will is alive, no Prophecies can claim our souls!’

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