The Unending Lust

Porn..! You read it right. & that’s probably one reason most readers would go through this article if not the rest of the my blog. Pornography ­- material that depicts erotic behavior and is intended to cause sexual excitement. It is what has seeped into our lives & perpetrated our PC & media devices & finally our impregnable minds. But is it just nudism & glamorized sex or something a little more serious.

Today pornography is a huge global industry. Going through a few numbers & data sheets, we come to know, there are beyond 4.2 million sites online dedicated to satisfying our craving for porn & they still keep growing at more than 300 new domains every day.

Entertaining such a wide market & an even wider, endlessly fantasizing human mind; pornographic industry is home of several criminal & anti human rights activities. Several sites are dedicated to feeding our minds with media as gross as female violation, brutal abuse & beastility. Most sites pay & thereby promote people to submit such stuff for some prices. While our lust knows no bounds, humanity lays dormant within; the only people earning from such businesses are the owners & the ones involved through uploading & sharing such contents, putting female honor at stake.

In last few years, porn industry has promoted prostitution & body trade, victims to which are mostly young children. The international child traffickers are also majorly involved in pornographic business. Its addiction is as grievous as that of any other intoxication & that’s what has let this demon grow into a monstrous vicious circle that engulfs everyone from adolescents to majors who pump in millions to keep fed with their dose of porn.

Its eroticism & misguidance has defamed & mislead people away from the conventional sex education. Medically, addiction to porn is proven to cause craving, anxiety & in the long run, problems as severe as impotency & so on.

It has wrathed many marriages, as it has with itself, lingering sexual problems. While supporters of porn ask for its legalization, the coming effects of porn are ever more frightening.

Being ethically wrong it has decreased the credibility of a society & has sent out some seriously wrong messages to its audiences. Women are objectified in porn. Consequently women face a sadistically deplorable status in modern society. Secondly, so arousing, as the scripted performance of professional actors seems, most men are mislead by porn into the notion that same as the female actors, “every female refusing him is inside as desperate & lustful” as the porn actors. This presumption causes them to assault & molest their fellow females & is thereby a major background reason for sex crimes against women.

Going deeper into it, India alone stands at world no. 6 in searches of keyword “porn” itself in the past 12 months with 74 searches out of every 100 made on, while these are just the stats of one keyword & one site engine. The others in the top 10 porn searching countries on GOOGLE include Pakistan, United Kingdom, USA & so on.

But this isn’t all. The global sex crime rates are at their highest. A UN report of 2011 shows the figures of sex crimes between years 2004 to 2010,

COUNTRIES                              SEX CRIMES (IN THOUSANDS) per year

FRANCE                                    9-11

UK                                             12-16

INDIA                                         18-22

USA                                           93-95

& ¾th of them were under the influence of intoxicants & over indulgence in porn. & yet these are only the recorded cases, excluding the many that never reached the papers. Living in an Indian society i can say that our  
Incredible India is too young, too immature for a porn industry.

It has so made its mark; has been so circulated that an adolescent child today might know more porn-sites than educational sites & more about this industry than their history & science text books. It’s a monopolistic business for the owners of this industry which dwells, breeds & keeps expanding on our lust. While there are both supporters & opposers of porn, its impact on our lives must be acknowledged & curbed.

– Abheerup Bhalla


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