The Dawn (part 1)

The sun kissed her deliciously fine chiseled face- serene she was. He took her hand in his, & uttered a deep sigh,”Ahhh…relief finally!” and put his head down like an old man tired of a life of suffering.

It was the first ray of the dawn. & they had been here for hours in the dark. She lay there with her cheek on his chest, & her lips dug into it, as if she was kissing his heart softly, uttering prayers to it. With their arms wrapped around, she lay peacefully in his lap. He held fast to her as he was holding his entire world in his arms. He poured down the kisses onto her forehead & her hair & cupped her cheek with one hand.

She Lifted her eyes up to him & he chuckled, hiding the pain he had been restraining all this while. They had met after 502 days. “A year and a half! I thought I’d never see you again!” she couldn’t hold her tears back.

“I thought I’d die without you. & every second of this time without you, I’ve begged Him for death. You know I can’t be without you.” he said. He was still eyes closed like he was staring at the heaven, still unaware of the tears of his love. The darkness was shedding, & the land was coming to life. The bird, the trees were still.

She untangled herself from his arms & lifted her head off his chest. The moment this broke his reverie, he pulled her face to his, but she draped her sorrow under her palm.

“Aye, no..! What are you doing?” he kissed the back of his hands that hid her weepy eyes & pulled them away. “No….No…!” in broken voice he grunted. Kissing those eyes, one by one, he took away the tears; sucked & kissed them out & held her more tightly onto himself.

It was blissful; her tears were finally being rewarded. All those tears she had shed away from her & finally he was here; kissing away her tear. She felt glowing, her eyes once burning with excruciation were now warm beyond bounds with his kisses. She’d never felt this way before. Her heart seemed magnetized to his as she pushed herself more onto him…in an attempt to hide deeper inside his chest, her heaven. She never knew tears too could be so beautiful…she’d never felt such a smile inside while crying. & today she wanted to pour them all out on him.

So inexplicably warm that her aching heart & chest could barely take so much love. She resisted again & again and tried to wipe them on his shoulder. But he knew right what he was doing.

“Hush…! No baby, don’t hide them. Your tears are mine just as much as your smile. Give them all to me. I’ll kiss them away… all of them. That’s what I want to always do.”

Had he read my mind?

I want you too but I can’t. I don’t know why you love me so much. But I won’t be here for long.

Only first tears came out in pain, & the rest oozed out in joy rather the agony her deep love could cause. She was in her heaven insulated from all world. This was her love she wanted to be with, the one she couldn’t live without. Seeing his love made her melt in his arms. & contemplating her life without him crushed her soul.

But today was unlike any other day. She wept thoroughly hugging him. & not even a single tear rolled down her cheeks. They were all his prisoners today. & he realized the happiness pouring out of his own eyes.

He felt the warm & moist diamonds on his fingers & rubbed his eyes. When he opened his eyes he was in his bed looking around in an empty room. There were no trees & birds around, rather an empty ceiling & the fan which had been his only partner & confidante in all this time without her

What a beautiful dream it had been!’

Ironically, he’d still have to wait a little longer to meet her…..



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