“Dere?” just a text from her & he could feel his heart, she was looking for him.

“Yes…always…so wassup?” he grinds his teeth to hide the million words he had to say to her…some good, some bad.

“Ok…nothing…I miss u.”

‘Oh! She does. She really does! In a parallel world I never would have let her miss me. But in this moment… it feels good.’

“Me too my heart ” and he wished to remind her it had been 610 day that he hadn’t seen her but thought not to.

“Neways I’ve not been well these days. I have fever. So I need to sleep.” he checked time,

9:45 PM

Was this their moment? He decided to go and meet her. He quickly got off his bed & prepared for his beautiful union with his love. His hands went shaky and a spark ran through his blood at the very thought of being next to her tonight. His whole inside smiled. Frantically putting on his shoes & taking his bike, he was on the way to his love’s home.

‘How would she feel?’

‘Will she like it? It’s been so long… is it because she didn’t want to see me? If that is the case …then how wrong would it be for me to go to her when she doesn’t want?’

‘Will she want me to be there? May be she’d come jump into my arms.’

And in addressing his mental dilemma, he reached her home and parked the bike safely in a corner of the dark alley.

All her family was at home that night which was never a concern to the poor love struck for she was his world, his totality, his everything…in their world where none else existed. He jumped across the compound wall and swiftly moved across the back-garden to move to the safe zone. He stood right below the balcony of her room and daydreamed of the smile on her face. And all that was between him and her arms now was this 10 feet high wall.

He patiently stepped over the edge of the window & grabbed the drainage pipe. & in the back of his mind voices said in unison: ’I’ll end this distance…every distance to get to you baby.’

And with a zipping plunge up the grill, he was there. Ten feet above the garden, staring at her lovingly from the window; He had caught a sight of her.

‘Could I be any luckier?’

‘She looks so beautiful…God!’

Knocking on the door, he rehearsed the million beautiful reasons he’d give to her for being there at that moment. Hearing his knock & seeing him in the side window, she leapt out of her bed & rushed to bolt her door and ushered him in.

He could see the same nervousness in her; blushing she opened the door.

He scooped her in his arms and drove into the room.

“Jason…what are you doing here? If anyone sees us, its gonna be a mess.” She couldn’t hide her smile even while feigning anger. She couldn’t help it, for she could never have a more beautiful dream moment.

“I know, don’t worry.” He ended his joyful words with a kiss on her lips…still not dropping her.

“Put me down! The curtains…!” She said softly punching his chest. There smiling eyes together gazed at the bare windows.

“Alright…”he gracefully laid her on the bed.

She drew the curtains swiftly inspecting signs of anything animate in the eerie darkness outside.

“So…come into my lap..!” cradling her in his warm embrace, like a baby in its guardian angel’s…”I told u to take care of yourself. Can’t you? Look …this is why I had to come all the way to hug you…keep my heart warm in my chest.”

“I’m so mad at you. Are you nuts? Is this a way… a time to come.” And more than the excruciation, there was a warm mischief in her eyes, for she had to let go everything…finally unshackle the child inside who had untied herself from all ties of her mind.

She took a large gulp of air, the air that smelled of her love…in the proximity of his breath, his skin warm & glowing by her touch, she was ever-so-aflame by his divine love. She held the air in her locked lips with a childish frown.

He gently punched her cheeks, she let go the big gulp and both of them burst out in silent giggles.

“But I hate you.” she did, just as much as she loved.

“I know…And if I told you I was coming…you’d have stopped me. & so I…” words failed him as his heart plunged back into despair. She defied him, she loved him, she had never, for a moment, dwelled without him, yet his only heart kept him away from herself!

“Go…I don’t want it.” Took a large sniff; her nose blocked by cold.  And she again filled her mouth with air, and stared at him.

“Not right now. I can’t let my little heart (her) be cold.” And he just knew what to do. He punched the air out of her cheeks even more gently this time and dragged her head hard onto his heart.

Their touch burned each other with a fire that penetrated through their skin to the hearts in their chest, the fire that warmed both hearts & kept those beats ticking. She lay there on his chest; lost in him, insulated from the world of pain, up above in the abode of his love.

They lay still for moments & the only sound that filled their world of two was the melody of his heart whispering into her ears her own name. He was irresistible. She had his scent in her, his arms around her, her lips on his chest & the most promising of the all was the heart inside beating & chanting her name.

It had only been half an hour that he’d held her… & they felt eternities had passed. As if they had potentially been there forever.



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