The Dawn (Part 4)

She raised her head from the chest, to meet his eyes that looked curiously at her face. His eyes dug in hers as if they were talking to her heart through his eyes.

“What?” she cupped his cheeks in her hands softly.

“Nothing… Let me look at my heart for some time…I just wanna keep looking into your eyes. But if I look from this close, my eyes will be wet. Oh baby…!”

She blushed & again brought her arms across his neck & hid her face in him.

“I am gonna be here till you fall asleep. & then I’ll go back before the Dawn so that nobody sees us.”

She hesitated. But after a moment sniffed & tightened her grip, dug her face deeper down his neck so as get closer again to the heartbeat; and softly purred “hmmm…!” in consent.

Her embrace was angelically warm; her breath, her scent as if some elixir.

“How’s your fever?” he brought his hand up to his head & stoke stroked her hair slowly.

“Mmmm… I am so cold inside. But I feel so hot on the skin.” She spoke with discomfort, still dug in his chest as if she was talking to his heart. She had it beneath her lips now. She couldn’t let go of it. At this moment, all she ever wanted to do was get inside his chest & cherish the love radiating from his beats.

“Ok. Come. I’ll keep you warm and cozy tonight honey.”

Before she could even think of taking her head off, he’d pulled her onto his chest & lay down under her.

‘It’s so futile to pull out of his embrace. Neither do I have such power, nor my heart.’ She thought to herself resting her chin in the middle of his chest & staring into the eyes that guarded hers all the while.

‘He is so beautiful when I’m on him. I’ve never seen so much love. These eyes will make me watery too if I look into them for long. Just with these looks, with this voice, his touch. He’s doing things to me…making me go insane.’ She felt her heart pounding harder and harder inside the chest dying to kiss the other part of it.

Her eyes were watery & irritated with temperature. Her face was burning red. Her hands and feet still polar cold.

“I won’t be able to keep my eyes open for long. Neither I am in a condition to hug u tightly. My arms and legs are so powerless.” She closed her eyes and said.

“I know baby. You’re lying over me heart. I’ll take care of the rest.” He pulled her up to his face & fervently kissed every inch of it as he had never kissed before.

“Your li’l nosy is blocked. N it’s so cold too. Let me warm it with my kisses.” And he kissed her nose intently & unstoppably.

“Mmmm…. No. it feels weird. With the cold…so don’t. Kissing with the cold will feel weird.”

“Don’t worry. If you think I won’t want to kiss you in cold than don’t worry. I’ve come to love you. & when I love you…nothing bothers me. In fact, the part of you inside me tells me to kiss you even more & more when you are sick.”

She parted & invaded his lips with hers & rested hers in them but had to soon let go because of the cold & cough.

‘He tastes so sweet. I just never wish to be out of these lips.’

“Kissing you & hugging you every way is so beautiful. Nothing can make me feel bad about it.”

“I know you love me so much. But it’s I who feels weird inside with the cough and all.”

“Then we won’t honey. & you know something??”

“Mmm…mmm..” she barely had any energy left to lift her head & talk.

“You look so beautiful… the most beautiful at even 12 in the night, even when you have fever.”

She blushed & kissed the side of his neck sweetly.

He pulled the quilt over her & wrapped his legs around hers.& swiftly pulled her waist & behind deep into himself. she pushed her groin & waist onto him beautifully & locking her legs, she instantly began to rub her ice-cold feet on his feet, warm & masculine. Letting her body drop dead on him as All her heaven had contracted into this man who lay under her.

“Baby you’ll stay warm under this quilt. & I’ll take the heat off your lovely cheek & forehead with my cold palm.” He cupped her cheeks in his hands & turned them around as one side heated.

She was loving it. Loving everything he did. Loving even more every word he said.

“Baby…your chest needs to be warm. & your back and tummy are so hot. So let me take off your top so that you can rest you heart directly on mine. It will stay warm then.” From under her, he undid the buttons of his shirt & revealed his chest & took off her top & put it aside.

The kissing of their bare chests & belly set their hearts galloping. The beautiful union of the two pieces of one soul, one heart. She never felt shy in front of him. He was her heart which was beating inside her. Their bare beating chests collided & so did their hearts. She’d never felt so beautiful.

“And with the other palm let me take the heat off your back.” he gently caressed her bare back from the shoulders & neck to her waist, to the band of her lower. His fingertips kissed & rubbed, soothed her burning skin as he continued to roll his hands up and down massaging her stiffened muscles.

“Baby you feel better now?”

“Yes.” Her eyes dropped a burning drop onto his chest as she finished.

“Ahhh…! Please don’t baby. I am here to love you.” agony dripped in his slow hiss. He kissed her head with his hands still on her cheeks &waist.

“Yes.” She sucked in a large volume of solid air only to realize her love had done the magic. Her nose wasn’t blocked any longer. She was so warm resting on him.

“And if you feel your chest and tummy too hot, you can change side & sleep with your back on me. Ok my heart?”

“Hmmm…” she moaned in sleep.

But I won’t ever want my heart away from his.’ She thought to herself.

“If baby feels her arms hot, we’ll take your arms out of the cover & if you again feel cold, we’ll bring them in the cover. And if your legs are cold, we’ll scroll your lower up to your thighs & you can keep them out of the quilt if you feel. I’ll bring the cover over them when you want.”

“I am so warm and cozy on you like this now that I won’t be up anymore. You only have to do it sweetheart.” Her comfort reflected in her voice.

“Yes. I am here for that.” His words were so reassuring.

“Why do you love me so much…so beautifully…even when I am so ill?”

“Because you are my heart; And when my heart is not well, how can I be fine. & so I have to take care of you…love you & keep you even deeper inside me…soooo much more and more warm when you are not well. This is the only way I know to love my baby.” She could barely stay awake to listen to his speech.

She changed side & slept peacefully over him as he was the coziest cushion in the world.

She was safe and warm in the fire of his heart while he couldn’t sleep because of her beauty, her serenity & his peace & joy in holding her onto him.

She felt an acute pain in her neck as if she’d strained it. She adjusted & turned on to the colder side of her bed, struggling with the watery eyes, she found him gone. She knew they couldn’t have each other much longer than that. But she wanted to kiss him before he left. Thoughts and worries sprang up in her mind. She reached her phone to enquire ‘when he left? Did he too get a proper sleep? And had he reached home? Did anyone see him on the way back? ’

But the bright screen which burned her eyes said: 1 new message (Jason):

”Don’t you get yourself sick again..!

& sorry I didn’t wish to wake you up sweets.

You looked so blissful on me. Sleep well.

Love you lot more than I can tell.

Take care of your health,

For the rest I am always here.”

Her heart pounded loudly inside her chest. She never knew falling ill could ever be so beautiful. She stared at his pictures on her phone in silence. Kissed the screen & overwhelmed, she placed it on her chest & fell asleep again.



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