‘There you are..!” he exclaimed in dark, excited by the headlights of the only vehicle that passed him. It must have been 5 in the morning.  It was Angela. They had another beautiful summer dawn at their hand. After months of distance and struggle to see each other, they had united. Dealing with the distance hadn’t been easy for them, nor had holding their worlds from tearing apart– the two birds taking on this herculean journey to be one.

Between the two humans that stood here, at this early hour when whole town was asleep, was a layer of ice settled over these past 4 months; the ice of misunderstood concerns and thoughts which hadn’t been easy to break.

She got off her car parked right next to his dusty old bike and never leaving his eyes, walked towards him. As her footsteps cut the eternal distance between them which had existed for four months, their hearts warmed up and raced in increasing proximity of the other part of it. They hearts which had just fought last night over the same meeting were finally gleaming with joy and warmth, breaking an ear to ear smile on their lips. They spoke nothing, they asked nothing. They knew they were one now and they needed nothing.

He held her hands n instantly took her in his arms..and lifted her off the ground. She threw herself at him and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him tightly into her chest. it was the moment , the two hearts possessed each other. He dug his head deeper into her chest and heart trying to hear it thumping on his face, while she pulled him harder into herself. He breathed large gulps of air trying to fill his lungs and veins, his blood with her scent, while his breathing and heat, his touching her heart gave her shivers.
Her heart pounded louder….his breathe hastened… and their arms fastened around each other.

He placed her head under her chin and lips on his heart and began to kiss it endlessly. She felt as if she had been lifted high above the cloud while her whole body trembled in joy and ecstasy.

His lips on her chest right above her heart and his nose breathing fervently had awakened every inch of her. She urged to kiss his lips and feel his heartbeat, his beating chest and kiss it just as he did, but more than that she loved to be loved..Loved every way by her man.

He rested her ear on her heart while she cupped his cheek pulling him still tighter into herself. He carried her in silence to the side of the desolate beach…to the place- Their place. She said nothing, as she was in her safe heaven…too happy to utter a word.

They locked gazes as he brought her into his lap. They sat, and silently stared at the other piece of her hearts right in front of them-in her Jason & in his Angela.
Eyes were really the gateway to heart and soul; they had never realized it so remarkably as today.

Her glittering eyes were soon about to get wet, such was his proximity to her. 
She smiled brighter and said, “What?? Jason……….??” lingering onto his name for a little longer.

“Ummmm…nothing…If i keep seeing u from this close, my eyes get all watery. You’re so beautiful I can’t tell you. And in my arms, you glow even brighter than sun. I gotta look away.”

Before he had finished, she closed her eyes and invaded his lips. The victim of this sweet punishment pulled her harder onto himself and began to kiss her back even more lovingly.

They sat lips locked, in each other’s embrace, with her in his lap. She pulled and tucked his lips softly while he tightly pushed into her lips, exploring every corner of her mouth tasting and licking it all so beautifully. To them, nothing was sweeter than their beautiful lips and tongues entangled playfully with each other.

She thrust her fingers into his hair..and from his neck, pulled him deeper into her lips. While he pulled her tightly from her waist and held her groin and bum hard onto his. They knew the art of making each other crazy with their love. She slid her hands into his shirt and circled them all over his tensed back and waist…feeling, rubbing and kissing every bit of it with her fingers.

While his hands moved inside her lower & held her bum as their groins kissed.
They both moved rhythmically… rubbing intensely on each other…up and down…while their hearts hugged, and lips breathlessly pulled each other’s tightly.

Their bodies were one, from head to toe like the million pieces of a puzzle.
The rubbing and pulsating groins had heated their bodies. She could feel the cold sweat on his back while he felt tremors in her chest. Their aroused bodies loved and kissed each other. Their hearts were jumping in unison inside their skins.
Clothes were really an obstruction to them.

But the ice had been broken, by the love that had set their bodies on fire.
Another beautiful heart warming day of love had dawned ..after the dark night of cold longing.

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