About me

Hey guys,

I am abheerup.

Through this blog i intend to write & make your mind horses gallop; make you realize and visualize the world from underneath my skin.

I am not much of a blogger, neither a professional writer, neither a social media guy. Just a sensitive and ever evolving human. So I just pen down whatever hits me or catches my mind and i am sure my words will make place in your minds and hearts too.
Through this blog i’ll try & introduce you to yourself- THE COMMON HUMAN

My voice, my words shall be the voice of the man in the mirror to you and you’ll feel your own experience guide you to the places i want to take you to.

I love philosophy. But only alongside practicality.
My hobbies are writing, singing, reading and painting. Not a techie guy, but i have an interest in Robotics and you can call that one of my hobbies.
But off all, writing gives me the utmost pleasure.
I do what i love… & love what i do.

My first novel “AGAPE” is finished.
Every beautiful life holds countless stories. And If you have something to share, i’d be glad to listen to yours.

Happy reading.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Ur words , images in YES MASTER are ACIDIC. they have such a scathing effect ..it actually serves the purpose. wish more and more get to read it . keep going.

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